The End is Nigh…

Shooting interiors for the Whitehaven Mental Hospital scenes.
Shooting interiors for the Whitehaven Mental Hospital scenes.


The final two days of shooting are this weekend. For some, this represents the conclusion of a long, busy run. For others, the beginning of the third phase of a four-phase process. First comes development and pre-production, then principal photography, then a long post-production period, and finally the involved task of getting the film out there for people to see.

Each phase brings with it is pleasures and challenges, though shooting this film has been a surprising smooth process. This is solely to the credit of the great people in the cast and crew who have labored so diligently to help make this film a reality. Some we won’t see again until the premiere in 2014, but I hope they all will stay connected. Filmmaking is truly a collaborative art form and everyone has left his/her fingerprints on this film, from Ed, our glorious cinematographer, to the volunteers who showed up to lend a hand on set.

I’ll be sad to say goodbye to everyone in the cast and crew, but I’m excited to get into the editing bay and start cutting the footage. As any filmmaker will tell you, the editing room is where you really find out what you have, and I’m anxious to see all our hard work take shape over the next several months.

Thanks too to all our friends on Facebook who have followed us this far and helped recruit others to follow us. We appreciate their support more than we can say and hope they’ll continue to advocate for the film as we move toward a final cut.

Here’s hoping the final two days go as well as the previous 16 and that post-production goes as smoothly as production.

We’ll try to come up with some fun giveaways between now and the premiere and I’ll continue to post here and on Facebook during the editing process.

Stay tuned.


Filming Passes Halfway Point

Mike Mowen, Bex Etter, and Elizabeth Wyld filming on the streets of Taneytown, Maryland.
Mike Mowen, Bex Etter, and Elizabeth Wyld filming on the streets of Taneytown, Maryland.

This past weekend marked the halfway point in principal photography. Everything is still going extraordinarily well. The cast and crew are an amazing group of people. We started on Saturday at the Ragged Edge Coffee Shop in Gettysburg, PA, where we had 9 ½ pages to shoot. Quite an oppressive schedule for any crew, but this group made it easy. Sunday had us back in our beloved Taneytown, MD, shooting interiors and exteriors of the antique store and the church. Thanks (again!) to Linda Snyder and her wonderful family for use of the antique store and to Monsignor Martin E. Field for the use of St. Joseph Catholic Church. Beautiful locations – beautiful people.

If the final cut of Ghosting is half as entertaining as filming the movie has been so far, it is going to be quite a film.