Eight days down – ten more to go!

Ghosting – Day 8 in Taneytown, Maryland from Kevin Boon on Vimeo.

This weekend’s shoot had us on the streets of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on Friday night and in Taneytown, Maryland on Sunday. Gettysburg was a blast and Taneytown left me astonished by how incredible everyone in the cast and crew are. Sunday was the busiest day on the shooting schedule. We capture over 120 shots (that’s setups, not takes!), running two cameras across fifteen hours in a hot, dusty attic and everyone stayed on task from early morning to late at night. We tormented our four stars (Mike Mowen, Elizabeth Wyld, Bex Etter, and Paul Fahrenkopf) with special effects makeup and physical demands that would have sent most actors running, and they just kept giving us great performances – take and take.

And the crew! There’s not a weak link in the bunch. Ed Koester (Director of Photography), Chad Dewing (Sound), Jill Colley (1st Assistant Director), Darren Olah (2nd Camera Operator), Joey Fenice (Key Grip), and Chris, and Jonathan, and Michael, and Ethan, and Hannah, and Becca, and Amy, and all the other volunteers, and Tripod (the three-legged cat), and Staci, and every one on set were the best anyone could hope for. I’m madly in love with every single one of them and I want to adopt them all so we can be together forever.

I mean it. I’ve already started the paperwork.

And special thanks to Linda Snyder, who is the production’s guardian angel, and Russell Sandlin, his lovely wife, and their beautiful newborn, all of whom graciously let us film on their property. There are no more generous souls on the planet. They opened their doors to this film and have already contributed more than could be expected of anyone. They are saints.